The Coatings Training Institute

Brought to you by the British Coatings Federation, the Coatings Training Institute is suitable for anyone who needs to know more about coatings technology. This means not just people involved directly in coatings formulation and manufacture, but also people right across the supply chain, including suppliers to the industry and users of coatings products. Sales people, customer service staff, managers at all levels, people working in the lab, quality control, and production staff will all benefit.


How it works:

Because the programme is designed on a modular basis, and has 60 modules at 4 different levels, potential students can pick and choose the modules that best serve their needs - a "mix and match" approach. There are no formal entry qualifications. However, there is a natural progression within the module structure for development to more advanced subject areas.

Students can study any number of modules and simply download the coursework material from our study portal. 

For more details visit the website.