BCF’s Apprenticeship Service

Build your team's skills and knowledge using the BCF Apprenticeship Service

The service has been purpose built for BCF Members by the Apprenticeship Training Agency (The ATA ). As an ATA we can host the employment of your apprentices whilst they are learning as well as provide all aspects of a comprehensive Apprenticeship Management Service. We are specialists in Apprentice recruitment, people management, identification of the best Apprenticeship Standard for your business, training provider selection and engagement, and performance review. With a dedicated team of Account Managers who work solely in the sector we can introduce new starters or support existing employees to engage in learning and development that will benefit all aspects of your business. 

There are 3 main ways that you can implement Apprenticeships into your business:

  • Employ new recruits to undertake relevant apprenticeship training as part of their role. 

    A great way to bring new, talented people into your team with the opportunity to train them with the support of specialist training providers.

  • This can be a great way to offer additional support to your newest members of staff and to allow them to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of their role with the support of specialist training providers.

    Upskill you team and keep them motivated and engaged in their role.

  • Higher apprenticeships go from level 4 to 7 and are equivalent to a foundation degree and above. Degree apprenticeships are available at levels 6 and 7 and are equivalent to a full bachelor’s and Master’s.

    For staff who work in specialist departments or who work at a higher level within the business, you can put them through a higher or degree level apprenticeship which will allow then to gain a relevant degree as well as other industry recognised qualifications. 

    For example, Financial Services Professional. This includes a professional qualification chosen by the employer, such as:

    CFA Level 1

    CII Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

    PCIAM Level 6

    CICM Level 5 Diploma in Credit Management

By using the BCF Apprenticeship Service you’ll have access to the experts at The Apprenticeship Management Group. The ATA will work with you to identify a suitable programme for your member of staff and offer you a comprehensive service to support you throughout the whole process.

There are around 600 available Apprenticeship programmes in England, and with at least 95% of the training costs being funded by the government, Apprenticeships are a really cost effective way of developing the knowledge and skills of your workforce.

The ATA can work with you to put individuals through an Apprenticeship , or whole teams! For any department that you have within your business, there will be a range of relevant apprenticeship programmes at appropriate levels to suit all members of your staff, regardless of experience. Some examples of the departments that you may have could include:

Accounts and Finance
Sales, Marketing & Procurement
Administration and Customer Service
IT and Cyber Security

The services provided by the ATA are available for both small businesses and large organisations and the service will be tailored to suit the specific needs of your business. You will have direct access to a designated account manager who will be able to answer any questions you have and provide support whenever you need it. 

BCF Apprenticeship Service Options:

Apprenticeship for Existing Employee

  • You already employ the apprentice under PAYE, we work with you to agree the right Apprenticeship programme to support the role and then find the training provider and organise the start of the Apprenticeship, including, if required, assistance with setting up and maintaining your digital Apprenticeship account (cost: £325)

Recruitment Only

  • We recruit for you, and you employ the Apprentice and arrange your own training provision and digital account administration (cost: £750)

Recruitment and Administration of Apprenticeship Training

  • We recruit for you, you employ the apprentice, we arrange the set-up of the Apprenticeship training provision and digital account administration (cost: £895)

Recruitment, Administration of Apprenticeship Training, Employment of Apprentice on our Payroll

  • Also including full HR support. Essentially, your Apprentice, with all of option 3, but without the need to register and operate your own PAYE scheme, run a payroll, prepare employment contracts, and perform your own HR (cost: Apprentice wage plus 10% - our management fee)

Examples of sector specific apprenticeship programmes:

  • Lean Manufacturing Operative:

    This is a Level 2 Apprenticeship. Level 2 is equivalent to 5 GCSE passes and is also referred to as an Intermediate Apprenticeship. 

    In England, apprenticeships are available at Intermediate, Advanced, Higher and Degree Level.

    The Manufacturing Industry offers an exciting and varied career both in the UK & abroad providing a broad spectrum of opportunities for people to work in a technically advanced and innovative environment.

    The UK’s Manufacturing Industry is highly regarded worldwide for its innovation and manufacturing excellence and requires a high degree of skill & knowledge across all levels of their organisations.

    A Lean Manufacturing Operative will be expected to carry out their work safely and meet the exacting quality standards demanded in a fast paced and efficient processing environment and develop into a multi-skilled operator through process ownership.  A lean manufacturing operative can be required to carry out manufacturing activities on multiple products with different specifications consecutively e.g. automotive manufacturing – Multi models manufacturing results in the manufacturing of different models of vehicle with different specification variants within a high volume environment.

    For full details of the Lean Manufacturing Operative Apprenticeship please download the programme overview here: (Provide link to document)

  • Laboratory Technician:

    This is a Level 3 Apprenticeship. Level 3 is equivalent to 2 A Levels and is also referred to as an Advanced Apprenticeship.

    This occupation is found in a wide range of organisations, including but not exclusively, chemical, primary and secondary pharmaceutical, biotechnology, formulated products, nuclear companies; and analytical science services, dental laboratories and educational establishments.

    The broad purpose of the occupation is working at the forefront of technology to carry out both routine and one-off laboratory testing (and manufacturing where relevant) and perform a variety of technical support functions across the organisation.

    For full details of the Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship please download the programme overview here: (Provide link to document)

  • Team Leader or Supervisor:

    This is a Level 3 Apprenticeship. Level 3 is equivalent to 2 A Levels and is also referred to as an Advanced Apprenticeship.

    A Team leader or supervisor is a first line management role, with operational and project responsibilities or responsibility for managing a team to deliver a clearly defined outcome. They provide direction, instructions and guidance to ensure the achievement of set goals. Working in the private, public or third sector and in all sizes of organisation, specific responsibilities will vary, but the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed will be the same whatever the role.

    Key responsibilities are likely to include supporting, managing and developing team members, managing projects, planning and monitoring workloads and resources, delivering operational plans, resolving problems, and building relationships internally and externally.

    For full details of the Team Leader Apprenticeship please download the programme overview here: (Provide link to document)

  • Sales Executive:

    This is a Level 4 Apprenticeship. Level 4 sits between level 3 and Degree Level and is also referred to as a Higher Apprenticeship.

    Sales Executives operate in organisations of all sizes across all sectors and markets, including Technology, Media, Pharmaceutical, Recruitment, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Utilities and the Automotive Sector. Typical job roles and job titles include Sales Consultant, Sales Specialist, Sales Advisor, Sales Representative, Business Development Executive, and Field Sales Executive.

    For full details of the Sales Executive Apprenticeship please download the programme overview here: (Provide link to document)

Benefits of BCF's Apprenticeship Service

  • Checks Of Candidates: Advertising, Filtering ,Phone Interviewing, Shortlisting, ‘Eligibility To Work’ Checks Of Candidates

  • Organisation Of Interviews: We Will Handle The Organisation Of The Interview Process On Your Behalf

  • Employment Contracts: BCF Can Help In The Drafting & Issuing Of Employment Contracts And Support Documentation

  • Guidance And Support: One To One Guidance And Support For Both Apprentice And Manager

  • Comprehensive Payroll Services: We'll Provide Support With Comprehensive Payroll Services

  • HR Support: Our Service Will Supply Required HR Support

  • Legal Overview: We Draft And Issue Employment Contracts And Support Documentation With Legal Overview

  • In-Year Performance Management And Review: We Provide In-Year Performance And Management Review So You Don't Have To