BCF's apprenticeships service

With the apprenticeship reforms now in effect in the UK, it is no longer as simple as handing your training needs over to a training provider to deliver a qualification. Employers now face several responsibilities to action and feedback we’ve received from members is that apprenticeship management can be a burdensome. For this reason, the BCF has launched a new apprenticeships service to meet the specific development and employment needs of paints, inks and wallcoverings companies. The BCF’s Apprenticeships Service can ensure that the complexities and associated administration involved in taking on apprentices, and making use of levy funds, is taken care of.


The service has been purpose built for the BCF by the Apprenticeship Management Group (AMG). As an Apprentice Training Agency (ATA) the AMG can employ apprentices on behalf of BCF members. The AMG are specialists in recruitment with a dedicated team which works solely in the sector, this is combined with a comprehensive understanding for candidates who will meet and exceed your expectations and thrive in your businesses. 

Benefits of BCF's Apprenticeship Service

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Checks of Candidates

Advertising, filtering, phone interviewing, shortlisting, ‘eligibility to work’ checks of candidates

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Organisation of interviews

We will handle the organisation of the interview process on your behalf

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Employment Contracts

BCF can help in the drafting & issuing of employment contracts and support documentation

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Guidance and Support

One to one guidance and support for both apprentice and manager

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Comprehensive payroll services

We'll provide support with comprehensive payroll services

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HR support

Our service will supply required HR support

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Legal overview

We draft and issue employment contracts and support documentation with legal overview

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In-year performance management and review

We provide in-year performance and management review so you don't have to

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Levy Management and management of digital accounts

We ensure correct payments are made and can manage your digital levy account

Coatings specific coursework

Another key benefit of the BCF’s Apprenticeship Service is the option to introduce coatings specific modules from the Coatings Training Institute (CTI) to fulfil the coursework requirements of an apprenticeship. Many BCF members have students enrolled in CTI already, the new apprenticeship service could cover the cost of the modules through the use of the apprenticeship levy. There are over 60 coatings and inks specific modules, the choice of courses can be tailored for the specific needs of the apprentice.


The costs to your company

The service will cost 10% of the apprentice salary, plus a 10% contribution to training costs is applicable.

The cost of the levy management service is £45 per month for each apprentice managed via AMG, plus the 10% contribution to training costs if applicable.

Contact us

For more information, email or phone Tricia Henry at 07990 002 072 or Michelle McCutcheon at 07990 002 071 or fill out the form.

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