Coatings Ambassadors

Creating a network of ambassadors

The British Coatings Federation has partnered with the Surface Coatings Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry, PRA and OCCA to create a national network of ambassadors for the coatings industry.

The coatings industry is an exciting and varied industry, at the heart of several advanced manufacturing technologies in the UK and around the world. Our industry contributes £200 billion to UK GDP and is essential to everyday life, from protecting our cars from rust to the paint in our homes. However, with an ageing workforce we need to inspire the next generation to see the world of opportunities that the coatings industry can provide.

Through our programme, we hope to show the younger generation the many benefits of working in coatings and create a national network of ambassadors. The training, delivered by Cogent Skills, is designed to equip these ambassadors with the skills and materials to run their own sessions at schools and universities. 

Why become a Coatings Ambassador?


At our training we have had a diverse range of attendees from:


Do you want to inspire the next generation of talent?

If you work in the coatings industry, whether as a scientist, or in key business departments such as HR, we need you to help us engage with those who are deciding their future careers.  

Contact us today at: info[at] to find out how to get involved in the Coatings Ambassador programme.