Apprenticeships are a great career option that allow you to get your foot in the door at a coatings company while continuing your studies and education. Many coatings companies are actively seeking apprentices and with the apprenticeship levy now implemented in the UK there are more opportunities than ever before.

Coatings companies offer a broad range of apprenticeships, not only traditional skills-based roles. Today, you can for example pursue an apprenticeship in marketing, finance, or cyber security to name a few.

Why an apprenticeship?

Learn while you earn

  • Unlike higher education, or studying in sixth form at a school or college, the majority of your learning will be on-the-job based in your place of work. Not only will you gain valuable qualifications, you’ll also be entitled to the apprentice rate of pay of £3.70 per hour. If you are 19 and over, you will be entitled to the national minimum wage for your age group when entering the second year of your apprenticeship.

Career stability

  • In terms of career stability, an apprenticeship is a solid choice. 85% of apprentices stay in employment upon completion of their course and 64% stay with the same employer. 32% of former apprentices received promotions within 12 months of finishing their work and study, whilst employers view qualified apprentices as much as 15% more employable compared to those with other qualifications.

Debt-free learning

  • For those who are worried about piling themselves with high levels of debt at university, an apprenticeship offers a career focused route, free of financial burden. Typically, a student will rack up debt of anything between £30,000 and £60,000. Avoiding this whilst also making yourself financially better off has been a revolution of stress relief for many industry newcomers across the UK.

Gain in-demand skills

  • It is also important to consider that all apprenticeships are designed with the help of employers, therefore everything you learn will be a relevant key skill. The majority of your time will be spent learning on-the-job but you will also gain vital study off-the-job which will stand you in good stead for future employment.

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