BCF Kickstart Support service

Are you an employer in the Coatings industry looking to take on new staff?

Interested in the Government's Kickstart Scheme but unsure on where to start? 

The BCF are giving all members the opportunity to take part in the government’s £2billion post-Covid regeneration Kickstart Scheme.

As an approved Government Kickstart Gateway Organisation, the Apprenticeship Management Group (AMG) is here to support organisations wishing to access the new Government employment initiative. 

What is Kickstart?

Kickstart is a £2 billion pound Government scheme designed to aid post-COVID regeneration. The initiative allows Employers to offer a 6-month funded work placement. These placements are open to young people aged 16 – 24 who are at risk of long-term unemployment and are currently claiming Universal Credit. The scheme will run until December 2021 and is an opportunity to introduce new talent whilst showcasing your industry to young people.

What does the scheme offer?

• 6-month fully funded work placement to a young person aged16-24 

• Employers can claim national minimum wage for up to 25 hours 

• A total package of up to £6,800 (including national insurance &Minimum auto enrolment contributions)

How can the BCF kickstart service help you?

• Overcoming the complex barriers to entry 

• Administration of application 

• Screening and shortlisting candidate pool 

• Payroll services including claims

 • Workplace training program

What happens at the end of the 6 months?

Upon completion of the 6-month placement, Employers can: 

If you would like to take part in the Kickstart Scheme and benefit from our support service, please download here and complete the AMG Expression of Interest form and send to [email protected]

For more information, please head to Kickstart Support at:

Contact: [email protected]iceshipgroup.co.uk