Career Transition Coaching

Seeking a new opportunity or considering a career change?

Not happy in your current role or wanting to follow a “Career aspiration”? 

With 20+ years as a candidate, personal experience of “career outplacement” and “Career Coaching”, followed by 16+ years of experience of Senior Level Recruitment, Steve Bennett can support you to answer these questions.  Fully utilising and sharing both professional and personal experience, he can provide Career Transition Coaching to enable you to develop your own aspirations and attack the marketplace.

The coaching process will:

- Reflect on the successes and challenges of your own career to understand which areas you may wish to experience again, and which not.
- Develop a clear understanding of your motivations for a move.
- Develop a clear understanding of aspects of work which you enjoy, those which you do not.
- Understand the cultural and working environment in which you can thrive.
- Understand other aspects which may influence a future career move and direction; personal targets, family motivations, work/life balance, location, etc … 
- Establish a clear understanding of the nature and types of roles you wish to target in the market.
- Support your development of a CV which matches your career aspirations and ‘markets’ you in inappropriate manner.
- Ensure a consistency of message throughout your self-marketing, covering letter, emails, photograph, LinkedIn profile, social media, etc … 
- Support your preparation to attack the market with the provision of personal insight into how the job market works at senior level.

"A typical process suggests 3 one-to-one meetings for c. 2-hours each where we can develop a strong relationship, enabling us to openly, and frankly, discuss the various areas mentioned above. I will also be pleased to engage in a reasonable number of calls and subsequent email ‘discussion’ to provide further support, discuss key issues, review progress, and maintain contact as appropriate.

We will need to develop trust and confidentiality (in both directions) so that you can gain the maximum benefit from the coaching process. Having worked with a coach during my own career transitions and supported others in that move, I wholly understand that the role of the coach is to provide support, advice, guidance, and information. It is not to direct, manage or control activity. I am conscious of the emotions and challenges that such activity can have on “you and yours”, and I share personal experience as part of the overall process. 

At the end of the 3-meetings, we would hold a formal review of the process to understand whether there is a desire and need for the process to continue on a similar basis, a reduced basis or to end. If this could be of interest, I would be delighted to hold an initial, no obligation, 30-minute discussion and I look forward to hearing from you."

- Steve J. Bennett

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